Cooperation and Sponsors

For the Robocup Competition 2006 in Bremen, transtec AG generously provided us a high-end server as the brain of our Small-Size team. It is a transtec 2500L Server with two Dual Core Opteron 280 processors and 4Gb RAM.

Since February 2003, TYP AG/SA/Ltd company joined to our sponsors group. They support our ambitions, and help us with prototyping and producing cylinders in rubber.

We are very happy to have the support of our colleagues at the Electronic Laboratory of the Fritz-Haber-Institut Berlin (Georg Heyne and his team). Among other things, they build robot-boards, parts of the chassis, and a battery charger for us. They also have helped developing the omnicam for the FU-Fighters XXL (Middle Size League) with their support.

Also our colleagues from the Mechanical Workshop at the Physics Department of the FU Berlin (Detlef Müller and his team) help us out a great deal: they produce our often admired shooting device, give us advice with many detailation problems, and allow us to use the machines installed at the student workshop. Last but not least, some of our robocuppers visited an excellent course on basic mechanical workshop knowledge, which was held by the chief of the student workshop, Michael Prüfer.

For their generosity with materials, we express our thanks to Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co KG (motors) and to JVC Deutschland GmbH (7 Notebooks).

We are always looking for sponsors! Donations can be directly deposited to the following bank account (writing the full set of keywords):

Hauptkasse der FUB
Berliner Bank AG
Account number: 3901 999 303
BLZ: 100 200 00
To the sub-account: 04/28290/19032631
Key word: Fussball-Roboter