Competition Reports

  • FU-Fighters at RoboCup 2006 in Bremen

Blog Reports from the RoboCup 2006:
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  • FU-Fighters are World Champion

The FU-Fighters are World champion in the small size league (more in german).

  • FU-Fighters are European Champion

The FU-Fighters are European champion in the small size league.

  • FU-Fighters are World Champion

The FU Fighters small size team won the final game against the University of Queensland, Australia with 2:1. Our larger robots have finished fourth in the middle size league (more in german).

  • FU-Fighters are European Champion

The FU-Fighters are European champion in the small size league and have finished fourth in the middle size league (more in german).

  • Soccer playing robots at the IFA

The FU-Fighters were on the E-Fußball event, part of the International Broadcasting Exhibition Berlin 2003 on the 1st of September. The small size robots played in a marquee, the mid size robots navigated through the audience and at the stage. Here are some impressions.

  • First official 11 vs 11 game

At the RoboCup Camp, which have taken place in Bremen this year, FU-Fighters played against BigRed the first official 11 vs 11 game on a large field, without cushions, without special lamps, with natural light. It was followed by a discussion about the game. The results will certainly influence the rule changes for the RoboCup small size league next year. We have some pictures and a video of this event.

  • FU-Fighters are again successful at the RoboCup world championship

The FU-Fighters have finished third in the small size league. In the mid size league, our robots came into the top eight (more in german).

  • Soccer playing robots at the day of the mathematics

The 8th Berlin day of mathematics at the campus of the TFH-Berlin was hold on May 17th. The FU-Fighters were with their small size robots. It was the first long test game with the old, lightweigth robots with rotating shooting device toward the new heavy robots with linear shooting device and dribbling device.

  • FU-Fighters are German champion

The FU-Fighters are a second time consecutively and a third time altogether german and european champion with their small size league robots (more in german).

  • FU-Fighters eternal bridesmaid at RoboCup

At the RoboCup Championship 2002 in Fukuoka the FU-Fighters brought back "their" title as vice-champions in the Small-Size-League! Again, only the Cornell RoboCup Team was able to beat them in the final. In the Mid-Size-League we also had some exciting games and it was only a tie in the last one that kept us from the final games. Check our report about RoboCup, Fukuoka and everything else that happened (only in German).

  • FU-Fighters win back German Open

The FU-Fighters won the German Open in Paderborn (11.-14.April) and are now German Champions in the Small-Size-League! Besides that we participated for the first time in the Mid-Size-League also, which brought us a lot of experience for the coming RoboCup in Fukuoka/Japan. Please read our report (only in German).

  • Soccer playing robots on the world's largest computer exhibition

Between March 13th and March 20th, the FU-Fighters were presented at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover. The main focus was on our local-vision omnirobot, well known from the last RoboCup World Championship in Seattle.

  • FU-Fighters at the Browser-Day

On December 4th the FU-Fighters Team was playing in Berlin at the 5. International Browserday in the Volksbühne (Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz). Design profis from all over the world were presenting their new ideas on internet surfing and mobile communications.

The International Browserday was organized 1998 for the first time in Amsterdam and took place in New York last year. 30 students had the opportunity to present their inventions and a jury finally awarded a price to the winner.

  • Berlin robots in the States

Lastly we had been at the world championships, the RoboCup 2001 in Seattle (2.-10.8.). Information about the Small Size League, which was co-organized by us, can be found here: Website Small-Size-League, more detailed reports (only in German) can be found here.

  • European championship in Paderborn

The German Open was the first national RoboCup competition where teams from all RoboCup leagues were invited to take part. The event was explicitely opened to all international RoboCup teams in all leagues. The German Open took place at the Heinz-Nixdorf-MuseumsForum (HNF) in Paderborn, Germany. The HNF is the largest computer museum of the world and offered an ideal venue to hold the RoboCup event. The FU-Fighters have organized the tournament of the Small-Size-League and finished second. 5dpo/Portugal was the winner, Robosix/France took the third place. A more detailed report (only in german) can be found here.

  • Elecronica 2000

Our robots were exhibited from November 21th to 24th 2000 at the Electronica in Munich. Our Classic robots played in demonstration games 2 against 2.

  • FU-Fighters come off second-best at RoboCup 2000

FU-Fighters were playing at RoboCup 2000 in Melbourne and finished again second. The games had been held from 8/28/2000 to 9/3/2000. A detailed Report in german can be found here.

  • FU-Fighters are european champion

We took part in the European Championship "EuRoboCup" in Amsterdam from 1st to 2nd June 2000 and won the tournament in the Small Size League, so we are now European Champions 2000! We won a trophy and the first prize of 10000 Fl, which we will use as a travel grant for the RoboCup World Championship in Melbourne. A detailed german report can be found here.

  • Attraction on the CeBit

We presented our robots at Cebit 2000 in Hannover in the Research Hall (hall 16) booth D23. Our first team (FU-Fighters Classic) played against the second (FU-Fighters Mini) and we explained the techniques we use. The resonance of the visitors was very good: hundreds of people visited the booth and followed the games. Most of the games were won by the Classics since the Minis were still lacking a shooting device.

The team from Forschungsmarkt Berlin has built a nice web site for our "exponat" with the title "Robo vor, noch ein Tor!". Photos from the CeBit can be found here.

  • FU-Fighters at the Berlinale

We had a presentation as part of the retrospective "The Artificial Human" at the 50. Berlinale. We showed a film about RoboCup and the FU-Fighters. We also organized a short game for our robots - some of our new Mini-FU-Fighters were used. The event took place on Friday the 2/18/2000 at Filmmuseum Berlin, Potsdamer Str. 2, from 18 to 20 o'clock. We also invited a real sports reporter, who commented the games in such a wonderful way that the approximately 100 robotic soccer fans had a good time.

  • FU-Fighters win the west german broadcast computer night

A very interesting competition was held during the Computer Club Night of WDR in Paderborn (11 and 12 December 1999). Six European teams of the Small Size League (RoboCup-Organisation) and of the Microsot League (FIRA-Organisation) took part in the experimental tournament. We won! The complete report is available here (only in german).

  • Newcomers from Berlin finish second

In August 1999 we took part in RoboCup 99 in Stockholm. It was our first tournament and we became Vice World Champion in the Small Size League. We presented two papers at the conference IJCAI-99 (RoboCup-Workshop): a short description of our team and a detailed description of the control architecture. A detailed report in german can be found here.