Videos and Animations

Midsize Qualification Video Bremen 2006

A short scene from the final in Osaka 05 against Eigen


Experiment on a 8 x 5.5 m field

Smallsize robots playing on a double sized field (8m x 5.50m). We used two Avt Marlin F46c cameras (780px x 582px) with a 4.2mm lense at about 3.50m height. We did not change any parts of our vision or AI software except for the new field size.

Experiment (wmv) (4 MB)

RoboCup 2005 in Osaka

SmallSize Final (wmv) (59 MB)

MidSize Final (wmv) (60 MB)

RoboCup 2004 in Lisbon

wmf (54 MB)

mpeg (280 MB)

Training Camp 2004

A video about our mid size goalkeeper training. The video is a part of the presentation of the master thesis (thesis, slides) from Slav Petrov.

mov (9 MB)

RoboCup 2003 in Padova

mov (2 GB)

avi (300 MB)

avi (30 MB)

smallsize avi (48 MB)

midsize mov (69 MB)

Test game at the "Long Night of Science 2003"

Small size robots on a 20% larger field in area

avi (10 MB)

TV report - A robot (of the FU-Fighters) learning to play soccer

Record from the broadcast "Staun TV" on the channel Kinderkanal at January 29 2003 19:25

avi (46 MB)

Test game - Small robots on a larger field

Small size robots with 18cm diameter covers (same coding as our small size robots, but larger dots) playing on a 440cm x 320cm field respectively 490cm x 360cm field. The goal width in both fields is 80cm. One camera is placed in 250cm height above the middle of the field. We used two balls: First a golf ball, the official ball in the small size league, and second an AIBO ball, the official ball in the four legged league. The software is the same as we are using in the small size league. We only changed the size of the field and the parameters for the camera distortion.

mpeg (66 MB)

rm (46 MB)

German Open Paderborn 2002

Attacking the goal of the Ulm team (rm - 3,7 MB)
Our first goal against Stuttgart (rm - 3,5 MB)
... and the second one (rm - 2,4 MB)
Scenes from the match with Philips CFT (rm - 6,6 MB)
Ten minutes of the final against 5dpo (Portugal) (rm - (30,5 MB)

Robocup 2001 in Seattle

FU-Fighters against Lucky Star (rm - 96 MB)

The first goals of the FU-Fighers-Omni in the local vision derby at RoboCup 2001 in Seattle versus Viperoos (result 3:0)

First goal mpeg (0,9 MB)

Third goal mpeg (3,1 MB)

German Open Paderborn 2001

Group game FU-Fighters - Robosix 8:0

mpeg (21 MB)

Training FU-Fighters

mpeg (1,5 MB)

Group game FU-Fighters - 5dpo 1:2

mpeg (55 MB)

Final FU-Fighters - 5dpo 0:1

mpeg (72 MB)

Qualification videos of the FU-Fighters-Omni for RoboCup 2001 in Seattle

Goalie positioning

mpeg (1,5 MB)

Goalie training

mpeg (2,7 MB)

One Goal

mpeg (4 MB)

Several Goals

mpeg (31,5 MB)

RoboCup 2000 in Melbourne

mpeg (600 KB)

Interview with Prof. Raul Rojas in the "Abendschau" in the TV station SFB at 2000/8/18

rm (14,5 MB)

EuRoboCup in Amsterdam

Semifinal game against "5dpo" from Portugal

mpeg (1,6 MB)

Final game against Rogi Team from Spain

mpeg (1,6 MB)

Radio report of the semifinal and final games

Radio Multi-Kulti Berlin about the FU-Fighters at the Berlinale 2000

au (2,3 MB)

FU-Fighters on arte TV (2/18/2000)

mpeg (2,5 MB)

WDR Computer-Club Robot Soccer Cup 99 in Paderborn

mpeg (202 MB)